The FoG Cup


The FoG Cup was established in 2012 as an opportunity for old friends to get together and play ball hockey for a good cause. Funds raised help to advance the research of Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG). Money collected is used to assist with ongoing projects and research. Thank you to Terence Sullivan, our devoted annual organizer, and to friends and supporters who have assisted with or participated in the FoG Cup.

2017 FoG Cup

2017 marked our 6th annual running of the Millidgeville FoG Cup Challenge and the 4th annual Kid's FoG Cup. The 2017 Millidgeville FoG Cup was held on June 10th at Millidgeville North School in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Kid's Cup Tourney saw roughly 40 kids challenging for the Cup, while the adult tournament saw 25 fine gentlemen compete for the honour of having their names engraved on the FoG Cup. Foundation Glycosylation raised over $8000 dollars to support families and children meeting the challenges of CDG, to raise awareness of CDG in the community and to support glycosylation research.

2017 Adult FoG Cup Champions

Back row: Mike Higgins, Shane Somers, Ian Pledge, Ron Lockhart, Rob Landers, Troy Mortimer, Ben MacKay Front row: Martin MacKinnon, Duncan Webster, Jamie Margaris, Robbie George, Dimitri Papadopoulos

2017 Youth FoG Cup Champions

"Team Snack Pack" Nick Hersey, Parker Jones, Noah Tait, Nick Khitab, Charlie McPhee, Zack Watson, Anders Good. Coach: Travis

2016 FoG Cup

Thank you all who came out to participate in the 2016 FoG Cup! We had about 50 kids battle it out for the Kids FoG cup and about 25 guys compete for the 2016 Millidgeville FoG Cup. Through large numbers and your great generosity, we were able to raise over 7500$ making this our most successful tournament yet! Thank you to Dennis Kim for providing us with great pictures from this 2016 tournament!

2016 Adult FoG Cup Champions

2016 Adult FoG Cup Champions Greg MacIntyre, Andrew Lund, Justin Bowie, Greg MacKay, Dimitri Papadopoulos Goalie: Jamie Patterson

2016 Youth FoG Cup Champions

"Mean & Ugly” Simon Kim, Brodye Roberts, Mathieu Malone, Morgan MacKinnon, Matthew Higgins, Aidan MacFarland, Aidan Hazen, Grant Richard. Coach: Martin MacKinnon.

2015 FoG Cup

The 2015 FoG Cup Challenge was once again a huge success. We were able to raise over $2500! Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the Adult FoG Cup Champs, led by ex-NHLer Randy Jones, and the Youth FoG Cup Champs the "Terminators".

2015 Adult FoG Cup Champions

Adrian Tompkins, Randy Jones, Timmy McAdam, Cody Millet, Duncan Webster, John Hazen, Andrew Lund

2015 Youth FoG Cup Champions

Noah Webster, River Lanz, Jacob MacDonald, Daniel MacDonald, Riley Rooney, Matt McDade, Kyle Fenwick, Matthew Weaver, Colton Kingston, Geoff (coach)

2014 FoG Cup

The 3rd annual FoG Cup saw the addition of a Youth division. Congratulations to the Millidgevile Crew led by the Tompkins boys and to the Youth champions led by all star goaltender Liam Sullivan between the pipes. Thanks to all for a great day.

2014 Adult FoG Cup Champions

Scott Mitchell, Martin MacKinnon, Chris Stevens, Trevor Tompkins, Adrian Tompkins, Paul Higgins, Robbie George, Chad Sooly, Mike Wilson

2014 Youth FoG Cup Champions

Brad Gallant, Rohan Laverne, Grant Richards, Joey McPhail, Alex Cyr-Ouelette, Adam Boyd, Liam Sullivan, Greg MacIntyre (coach)

2013 FoG Cup

The second annual FoG Cup ball hockey tournament was a tremendous success, with forty players and six teams. A good time was had by all.

2013 FoG Cup Champions

Luke Johnson, Jamie Patterson, Jamie Margaris, Robbie George, Shane Nesbitt, Brian Kerr, John Hazen

2012 FoG Cup

The inaugural FoG Cup was hosted in the spring of 2012 at Millidegville North High School. A large turnout included 60 of Saint John's finest athletes who were eager to compete in the eight team FoG Cup tournament. At the end of a fun afternoon, the first ever FoG Cup champions were crowned.

2012 FoG Cup Champions

Justin O'Toole, Greg MacIntyre, Jamie Bennett, Terence Sullivan, Jamie Margaris, Adrian Tompkins