About Purvi

email: pr692347@dal.ca

Purvi has a Bachelor in Pharmacy and Masters in Pharmacology. Her training was in India and she now works in Atlantic Canada. Her early research involved screening bioactive compounds targeting cardiovascular diseases.

Her research in this field is ongoing as she works toward her MSc, exploring the molecular level of cardiovascular pathogenesis in Dr. Pulinilkunnil’s lab at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick in collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University. As a component of her special topics course, she had the opportunity to work for the FoG.

During her time working for the FoG, she wrote a review of CDG. This review demonstrates a thorough understanding of glycosylation disorders and helped to establish a more meaningful connection with Maria.

During her work, Purvi also had the opportunity to standardize the total protein extraction from wild type and ALG9 mutant yeast allowing an analysis of protein expression employing gel electrophoresis. This work provided the foundation for further work by 2014 FoG summer students Tess Robart and Alyson Zwicker. The two developed a procedure for endoplasmic reticulum isolation from wild type and ALG9 mutant yeast strains. 

Purvi's review of CDG can be found below.